A Hotel with a Tradition of Comfort and Luxury

Originally built in 1892 as a ‘Railroad Hotel’, Mineola’s Beckham Hotel was the temporary home to railroad workers, loggers, and cattlemen in its early years and boasts a colorful, and even haunted history.

Purchased by W.L. Beckham in 1926 following a fire that nearly destroyed the building, the first and second floors of the hotel were restored and reopened as the ‘New’ Beckham Hotel in 1928 and continued to operate until 1979.

In 2018, this resilient hotel started undergoing a major renovation by its current owners and is able to welcome its first overnight guests in more that 40 years. Now, with its historic décor and warm atmosphere, the Beckham has 18 completed rooms, including two suites, with eight more rooms slated to be done before the project will be complete.

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The Beckham Ballroom

The Beckham Ballroom is ideal for hosting events like luncheons, parties, weddings, and receptions. Enjoy your special event in a beautiful venue that has been masterfully restored, complete with the original hardwood floor-over-floating dance floor design – a design although common in the early 20th century, is not commonly found today. Gorgeous chandeliers hang elegantly from the high ceilings, creating just the right ambience, while massive windows line the walls offering a glimpse of the rail line below.

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At The Beckham

In addition to the historic Beckham Hotel and Ballroom, the location is home to some exceptional local businesses.

The Ironhorse Cigar Bar located inside the hotel serves classic handmade cocktails and offers a wide selection of Bourbons and Whiskeys. The bar is famous for its Very Old Fashion and its great selection of fabulous dessert Martinis.

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Lit by the glowing light of a scarlet lamp, the cigar bar is an amazing place to sit in absolute quiet, smoke the Beckham Hotel’s premium hand-rolled, brand-name cigars and get away from the modern rat race.

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